Easy Street

From early childhood, we run.
Run through the fields; run through the streets; run through the water; run through the sand.
Watch the traces kick up from under your heels and trail behind you where they belong, unfurled, disturbed; changed for you have touched them.
Run through the rain and
feel the drops drop down your back.
Slide off of my back
daily stresses
old loves
finished days. Your time is done.
Run towards the fire
the passion
the light
the desire
all that makes you come alive.
Keep running.


One thought on “Easy Street

  1. Who are you??? I’m dying of a broken heart and I read your words and I want to weep. I think maybe you would understand. I have an elusive love in my life that dangles in front of me like a rabbit before the greyhounds. I’m always trying to reach the goal, thinking, if this…when this…soon this… for sure this… and never, ever touching down to soak it in, to trust, to breathe, to exhale, to stop, to know, to believe, to enjoy. Why did this person come into my life? For all the pain and all the loving, I’ve gone from one extreme to the other and I just don’t understand the why of it all. I can’t have it and I can’t give it up. I’m a rational person. I have a job, a home, a dog, family, friends. But this relationship since the beginning has taken me to heaven and to hell. I believe things happen for a reason, we are all connected, there are spiritual lessons to learn, but for all I’ve been through, I just can’t walk away thinking it was all for nothing. Affairs of the heart are felt alone in the night and time stands still and you await the dawn for life to bring distraction so you can get through another day.

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