When I Feel the Rain

The rain came today. The way it does this time of year. It catches you off guard even though you know full well it’s coming. It comes every year. This year is no different from the years before or the years still to come. The years make no difference to the rain.

When the rain comes I listen closely. I can hear the individual drops as they hit the ground. I can feel each one with its own purpose and its own strength fighting to be heard over the other. The drops begin to blend and become louder as they form the stream that gains momentum and volume until it finds a place to come to rest. Tonight the roar of the stream has rested on you.

When the rain comes I often close my eyes and try to picture your face. It is different each time depending on where my journey has taken me since I last saw you. I have missed looking into your eyes. Sometimes when I look really closely I can see myself in them. Tonight your eyes are big, and brown and hopeful under a wisp of bangs you hide beneath. I don’t know why you hide your eyes…they really are beautiful.

Tonight your hair is deep and dark like your favorite chocolate…warm and inviting; inviting me to run my hands through it. You keep it long because you love when the wind blows and swirls the pieces around your face. It makes you feel free. I like to think you got that from me…the love and desire of the lightness of freedom.

When the rain comes I often close my eyes and think about what you are like. The way you love to curl up in your favorite chair and read your books and how you love to sing in the shower, but quietly so no one can hear. You don’t know I can hear so you don’t know how much I love to listen to you love to sing.

When the rain comes I often close my eyes and try to feel what it would feel like to wrap you in my arms and breathe in the smell of you. Sometimes I forget how much I have missed that smell. Sometimes when it rains I feel like you are right beside me and I am running my fingers over yours to soothe you because sometimes the roar of the stream can be so deafening it scares you.

Tonight I am remembering how I saw you before and am seeing how you’ve changed as I’ve changed; how you’ve grown as I’ve grown.

The rain came today. When the rain comes, I listen closely. When the rain comes, I think of you.


2 thoughts on “When I Feel the Rain

  1. I love the sound of rain. A big bad thunder storm is nature’s clanse from winter. Rain always makes me think of camping with my father. I miss him terribly. Love this :)

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