Letting the Love ‘Out’

My friend Sara writes a blog to her two-year old daughter. She writes about thier experiences as a family, includes stories and gives her advice for the future. One of the stories she shared was of a day she found her daughter kneeling on the floor kissing all of her toys. She asked her what she was doing and she said “I’m letting the love out Mommy.” Yes, she’s two. But this of course got me thinking, because that’s what I do best.

It is so easy for some of us to ‘let the love out’. We tell our friends and partners that we love them, we help people when they need a hand or emotional support, we are kind to strangers – we are there, we are present, and greatful to be able show how much we care; greatful that we have people in our lives that we can hand our love to that are willing and able to hold it. 

But what happens, when after much reflection, you realize that maybe, just maybe, somewhere down the line you forgot how to let love ‘in’? Sometimes we are so busy letting it out that we forget that we are worthy of the same type of care; from ourselves and others. We, as women and as individuals, can get so focused on making sure that everyone around us is okay and happy and validated, that we get a little lost – unbalanced.

In order to let the love ‘in’, we have to remember to take care of ourselves; remember that we are worthy of the same love we give. It doesn’t have to come from the people that we give it to, because love is shared unconditionally without expectation. But when we finally recognize it knocking on our door, it is important to open up.

Do not stay closed. Do not lock up your heart. Do not give and give and give until you are empty and forget what it feels like to receive. It simply doesn’t make any sense.

Let the love in; allow it to grow, and THEN let some out again. Stay balanced. Be happy. Allow yourself to be loved.


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