It’s What’s Said….In the Unsaid

If you know me, you know I am all about words. I love to read them, I watch them, I analyze them, I listen and I am very careful of which ones I speak. Words are very important to me. But what about the unspoken words? These are equally as important. Pay attention to the unspoken words and what ‘nothing’ actually exists in these moments. You will be suprised how few and/or how many people pay attention to the moments in between or in the absence of dialogue. These moments are quintessential of awareness.
The moment in-between that first kiss. The time you waited for someone to say something to put you at ease….and they didn’t. The moment you waited for someone to beg you not to go. The moment someone closed the door behind them and you knew you would never see them again. The moment you realize a relationship has run it’s course. The time someone said something to you that felt like a slap in the face. The time you sat there and held someones hand as they were dying. The moment you made a decision to change your entire path.  
The moment someone placed your baby in your arms for the first time. The first time a child reached out and grabed your hand.  The time you were told you were loved. When you let your arm flow out of the window of the car and wave it in the wind. When you watch and listen to the wind rustle the leaves of the trees……or hold your hand out and let the rain soak your palm. When you listen to the rain on the window pane or the thunder in the distance. When you watch a sunset or sunrise or are mezmorized by a campfire. When you feel the music in your heartbeat.
These are the moments you don’t have to say anything. These are the moments where words have no place. These are the moments you watch.  You watch, you recognize…you feel. They are interesting, they are electric, they are calm… they are everything at once. Words can’t possibly describe the ‘nothing’ that is said in these moments. It’s all said…in the unsaid.

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