Enjoying What Is

I read an article the other day that really made me think.  A lady was talking about her boyfriend and his child and the life they had made together….without marriage, without legalities, just a merging.  The way she spoke about them was amazing.  She didn’t need the piece of paper making it legal; she didn’t have to give birth to the child to share his life.  She talked about her boyfriend and about his favorite shows, and the way he laughed at certain things.  She described the shape of his face and his smiles, how he liked his favorite foods, how he rides the rollercoaster of her moods, stays when its easier to go, and how he looks at his son.  When she described the son she talked about his favorite things to do, his favorite books, cartoons, and how great his personality was and she said that she had to thank his mother for having such a huge part in that.  It was just so crazy because there was no insecurity there.  There were no fears that she was going to lose it all because there was nothing legally tying them together.  She said that if they ever broke apart it would be due to irreconcilable similarities, not differences.
I think that’s what it is about sometimes.  When you start getting down because you feel unapreciated, insecure, and you don’t know what more you can do for people to make them notice….stop and think of the things you are greateful for.  The things that you are blessed with…the people that make your life better.  And maybe instead of trying to figure out what more you can do to please them, or what more they can do to please you….you can look at the ways that they please you that you ignore.
Maybe he doesn’t bring you flowers, do the dishes, take out the garbage, or do any of the things that you asked on your chore list….maybe he came home drunk and you had to take care of him, maybe he accidentally embarassed you…..but what about the things that you didn’t ask for.  Those things can mean so much more.  Try to remember the time that he sat a new drink down in front of you before yours ran out….about the time he brushed the car off for you so it was ready when you got up, when he sent you that text telling you he loved you…just because.  Or any of the other things he may have did that you overlooked.  Because in the end….those are the things you are going to remember…those are the things that are going to keep you going at the end of the day.  Those are the things that you are going to wish you appreciated when its too late and it’s all in hindsight.
Appreciate every single second that you can share with somebody that you care about.  Nothing stays the same…and you don’t want to look back and say "I wish i would have….." Not everybody stays when it’s easier to go.

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